Why Bangladesh

According to Bangladesh Road Transport Authority for almost a decade the market for commercial vehicles has grown at a rate of 14% to 20% each year until 2020. Now it is expected to be even more. Bangladesh is a potential market for commercial vehicles as the nation is currently involved is many Mega Infrasture Projects. The Padma Bridge - which was a 30,193 crore BDT project - is predicted to create demand for thousands of commercial vehicles worth at least $500 million for at least the next five years. The Buses segment in in Bangladesh is projected to grow by 4.07% (2023-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$29.32m in 2027. Thus with the rising demand Bangladesh is one of the best places to invest in and reap benefits while new players still have a chance to enter the market.

Do not miss your chance to focus on the highly potential Bangladesh market.

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