In its journey towards a middle-income country, there is a growing demand for energy-efficient and hybrid vehicles in Bangladesh. With the splashing success of the previous three editions, the “5th Dhaka Commercial Automotive Show 2023” has been announced as the grand opportunity for this industry to showcase new generation commercial vehicles.

The show stands firmly as one of the flagships and mega-events of CEMS-Global in Bangladesh and has become an iconic event of the Commercial Automotive Exhibition in Bangladesh. The previous editions have witnessed great successes and a record rise in sales of new commercial vehicles in the country to meet the growing demand for mass transportation, heavy machinery mobilization, cargo shipping and other commercial vehicles. ‘CEMS-Global USA’ in association with `CEMS Bangladesh’ presents the “5th Dhaka Commercial Automotive Show 2023”, scheduled to be held from 16 ~ 18 February 2023, which will be a glittering showcase for Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers and Components.